'You do it on your own, but not alone.'

Holi Maya Foundation Nepal welcomes you.

About us

When Holi Maya was a child, a tourist visited her village and taught her English.Through his support she was able to realise her dream to work in tourism. In 2010 Holi and her colleague Rudra Tamang, came into contact with Thomas Tierolff, organiser of inspirational trips to Nepal (Work at Balance). They shared the same dream to make a difference for Nepal. This dream became reality when some members of the October 2010 group took the initiative to establish a foundation to support young people in Nepal.

Vision & mission

The foundation aims to contribute to the development of young people: our vision is for children to be able to grow up without limitations and to have the freedom to be themselves. Keywords: connectedness, love, simplicity, strength, equality, encouragement, inspiration. Our motto is: ‘You do it on your own, but not alone’.

What we do

The primary activity of the Foundation is: supporting and empowering Nepalese children and young people to achieve their personal goals, dreams and aspirations. The Foundation does this by providing personal guidance to young people during their school years and by facilitating supplementary education at existing educational institutions in Nepal.