Dit zijn de richtlijnen die de stichting nastreeft.

  1. The Foundation empowers its coachees in realising their dreams and ambitions by giving mental, moral and financial support for their education.
  2. Insofar as possible, the Foundation gives direct financial support to the school or college concerned. A receipt must always be provided by the educational institution, stating the name of the administrator, i.e. the name of the person who signed for receipt of payment.
  3. The Foundation takes care of school fees, school uniforms and school supplies, if necessary.
  4. Requests for additional financial support such as extra private tuition fees, school trips, etc. should always be submitted on time, if possible at least 14 days in advance; the Foundation is entitled to agree or disagree within a reasonable period of time.
  5. Coachees must inform the Foundation monthly about their progress and challenges concerning their school results, dreams and ambitions and will receive support from the Foundation accordingly. Failure to do so, may cause a delay in financial support.
  6. Both the Foundation and coachees are committed to the ‘Nepal Clean Statement’; they will do their best to keep Nepal clean and will refrain from any actions to undermine this.
  7. The Foundation is determined to support coachees make their dreams and ambitions come true; coachees will have to fulfill their dreams and ambitions ‘on their own but not alone’.
  8. Coachee gives foundation permission to publish up-to-date information on its website, facebook and twitter account.
  9. In the event that a coachee supported by the Foundation is elected as the next prime minister or president of Nepal, the coachee is obliged to invite a delegation of other coachees to attend his or her inauguration ceremony.


Kathmandu, November 25th, 2011